International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Entering the early phase of education is truly exciting. Our Rafflesia International School students follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a curriculum which is now being used by over 1,500 national and international schools in over 80 countries.

Rafflesia International school has chosen to use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as it is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12-year-olds, with a clear learning process and specific learning goals for every subject.

IPC aims to help every child enjoy learning as much as they enjoy life. They are taught a wide range of subjects and groomed to build a knowledge-hungry mindset. Through the IPC learning approach, children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to face the world in a confident way.

It uses a thematic approach naturally intertwined with education for international-mindedness and for personal learning. Here, at Rafflesia, we introduce the curriculum to students through a full range of primary subjects to help build their learning curve positively and develop life-long skills for their later years.

The IPC is delivered in Rafflesia in a way that ensures continuity and natural progression into the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum and thereafter, the IGCSE.

Teachers will assess and evaluate students’ performance continuously throughout the Primary School years. The students will also be assessed externally through the Cambridge Primary Checkpoints.

The IPC curriculum incorporates eight IPC Personal Learning Goals. Opportunities to experience and practice these qualities are built into the learning tasks within each work unit and are celebrated.

We look forward to working through some exciting topics with our students this year in a fun and hands-on learning environment.

Personal Learning Goals

The 8 Personal Learning Goals in IPC aim to develop character and attitudes. The development of these goals will leads to the motivation and inclination to positively contribute to our local and global communities. Opportunities to experience and practice these specific dispositions are built into the learning tasks within each unit of work.


How do they Learn

Children learn through a series of IPC units of work which are stimulating with rigorous activities. IPC allows children to make connections in learning across subjects.

The IPC has been designed for children of all abilities and all learning styles, and encourages learning in groups as well as individual learning. It places emphasis on children doing research and recording of their learning.

IPC Learning Process

To learn more about our approach to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), click on the videos below to watch IPC learning in action.

IPC Exit Point - What Do Our Parents Say?