2021 National Day celebration theme: Malaysia Prihatin

In conjunction with the 64th National Day celebration on Aug 31, Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Puchong has organised a poetry appreciation programme to enliven National Day celebration.

The 64th National Day was celebrated in full patriotic spirit, albeit lessons go virtually.

Our Form 1 teacher and students join the celebration by each reading a stanza from a poem to express their concern, care and love for the country.

Poetry title: Ini Tanah Air, Tempat Bermula dan Berakhir 

Writer: Gazali Lateh 

Poetry reciter: 

1. Foo Yi Siang (F1W) 

2. Aiman Darwish (F1R)

3. Kellie Long Kalaichelvam (F1R) 

4. Nicholas See Li Er (F1W)

5. Cik Tyna (Teacher)

Join our teacher and students, while they take you through the poem showing their Patriotic Spirit during this special and meaningful day. 

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