We always look forward when it comes to the curriculum of our education. As our country’s educational curriculum progresses for the better, so does our school’s vision for greater learning.

The Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM) under our school philosophy will cover more than just the usual curriculum – holistic education.

KSSM is the current curriculum with achievable sets of standards. It comprises of knowledge, skills and values tailored for secondary schools’ learners. This will enhance their learning to go beyond acquiring communication skills, self development by embracing the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics towards understanding humanitarian issues by focusing on the child’s physical, emotional, spiritual and aesthetical development.

Our KSSM helps students to be college or university-ready as well as giving them the competitive edge to be brilliant students both in their academic and curricular activities. From Form 1 to Form 5, every stage of education is planned to get them all geared up for greater challenges beyond the classroom.