2022 Sports Day

SPORTS DAY ! - Every game leads to success

Great sportsmanship and excitement were seen today at At Rafflesia Schools, Puchong. Students, Teachers and Parents created a brilliant atmosphere.

Watching our youngest of the lot marching across the field together with their older members displayed a magnificent team spirit.

The war cries from the Dragon, Qilin, Tiger and Phoenix houses filled the air motivating team members as they battle on the field for the first place and earning points for their respective houses.

Shouts of Joy and Cries were heard and seen throughout the events. Every member of the house gave their best to contribute to their house points. A true Rafflesian Spirit!

Congratulations to all students and staff for a very successful Sports Day! Well done to everyone who took part and special thanks to the parents/guardians who came to watch.

Sports Day


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