2021 Academic Year
Award & Appreciation Day



The Award & Appreciation Day was held on 1st December 2021, the last day of school, to recognize outstanding student achievement.  The students are encouraged to continue work hard and stay humble, enjoy the learning process and never give up.

They are also being reminded to be thankful for all that they have and never forget to take good care of their parents, as without their parents, they will never be who they are today.

The students watched motivational video during the ceremony, and learn that a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

The ceremony ended with students' performances:

1. Sing with hand sign, entitled "Listen to me, Thank you", presented by 1R students
2. "Happy Graduation Day" song by 2R/3R/4R students
3. Dance performance by 5R students

Congratulations to all the award recipients!  Keep up your good work and always stay humble!

Due to the current pandemic situation and for safety purposes, the school strictly adhered to the SOP, hence only students and teachers are presented during the ceremony.  

But that doesn’t mean parents can’t witness these proud moments, we share with you here the photos and video of this amazing ceremony.

You're not here but you will never miss it!

Award & Appreciation Day


Award & Appreciation Day


Award & Appreciation Day


Award & Appreciation Day


Award & Appreciation Day


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