Video 1: Newton’s first law of motion

Experimenter: Jarvis Tadhg Crompton

Physics is fun!

Our Year 6 students enjoyed a hands-on experiment testing Newton's first law of motion. Here is our student, Jarvis, documenting his experiment in a step by step guide, and showing the amazing results from his attempt. 

Jarvis' experiment shows that the boiled egg has not moved when an outside force is applied, but instead, it stays in the same position but is pulled into the cup by the force of gravity.


Video 2:  Newton’s second law of motion

Experimenter: Karina

In this video, our Year 6 student Karina shows an experiment that Isaac Newton worked on back in the mid-1700 hundreds.

Using a prism, Newton discovered that light could be broken up into seven individual colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

When Karina spins her disc, the colours all merge into the colour white.


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