The integration of Model simulations and 3D printers as essential components of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR:4.0) has created an environment where the knowledge in 3D modelling has become a requirement for students in order to maintain competency and efficiency to meet the challenges of the future.

Year-6 students of Rafflesia International School, Puchong were taught on how to work with 3D forms and shapes. They learned the basic techniques required in the 3D Modelling and simulation process which involves the creation of three-dimensional objects using special software. This knowledge will make the students improve their creativity and designing perspective ability.

Students from year-6 applied the skill they learnt and created a 3D model of a donut. They use primitive shapes and modifier tools to simulate the appearance of a real donut. After they finalise the 3D model, they will proceed to use the 3D printer and  as the final outcome of their project, a 3D printed donut.

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