Rafflesia International School Puchong organised a Science Video Making Challenge this academic year.

Science week has been an annual event held in the past when physical school is allowed. We used to have science week where students learned how to be creative and present their ideas using posters.

This year we have come up with an idea to hold science week as a virtual event, students get to learn how to use their MacBook to create video clips (meant to be short) to record their finding and research ideas.

All year groups from Year 7-10 race against time to work online in a group of maximum four members to compile their ideas into a video format.

Here are some research presentation highlights from Year 9.  Let's have a look at their informative research results and great presentation.

Video 1 : SPACE

Researcher and topic presented:

1. Cheng Jiun - What is SPACE?
2. Royce - Dark Matter
3. Cohern -Dark Energy
4. Zhou Xuen -Black Holes

Video 2 : PETS

Researcher and topic presented:

1. Yen Lyn – Animal Nutrition
2. Yee Yao – Selective Breeding & Inheritance
3. Grace – Natural Selection

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