Science Week and Exhibition

Science Week is the initiative our school  provides students the opportunity and exposure to gain hands-on mechanical engineering skills and experience the results of their work.

The Year 9 modified their hydroponic vertical farming into an indoor vertical farm. The students need to learn how to control the pH of the water and make plans to modify it using industrial grade power tools.

Students as young as Year 7 get to learn how to use power tools in making Rafflesia’s aqueduct. They found that they could collect 500mL of condensation water every 1.5minutes.

Year 8 students however promote healthy eating style while the Year 10 shown their experimental talent by putting them into good use. Year 10 invented their own shampoo and candle.

It is delighted that after two years learning from home to see students get to take learning from the classroom into practical application. It is simply amazing that students are capable of completing the project within a given time.

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