Let’s Make Traditional Chinese Dumplings


饺子= jiaǒ zi = Dumpling

“Do you know dumplings, 饺子(jiǎo zi), are called 元宝 (yuán bǎo) during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration?

Dumplings are called 元宝 (yuán bǎo) because the shape of a dumpling resembles the gold ingot in Ancient China.

It symbolises good luck and wealth for the coming year!”



Making dumplings has long been a highlight of Lunar New Year Cultural Presentations at Rafflesia International School, Puchong. It is amazing to see our lovely students and teachers making dumplings together while understand the significant behind the symbolic cuisine.

One student can pad water to the edge of each wrapper, one student can put the fillings in the middle of each wrapper, one or more students can seal the wrappers and complete the making of dumplings ready to be cooked.

It is a great way for the students and teachers to spend time together. Combining the different dumplings signifies togetherness and completeness, teamwork and togetherness in Rafflesian Family.

Join and watch their amazing dumpling-making process!

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