AI and Robotics Education Programme
Digital Week

Developing students’ digital competencies through Digital Creative Week.

Students experienced Digital work creation as an inspiring, challenging activity, in which they engaged in sets of teams, in sustained, collaborative efforts to create shared digital media and Artificial Intelligence robots with sensors.

This challenge involved a great deal of mutual support and knowledge sharing that improved students’ self-reported technical and artistic digital competencies while fostering informal, interest-driven, socio-digital participation that inspired their learning engagement and improved schoolwork practices.

Our students’ participation in the AI design project appeared to be an intellectually meaningful way of engaging them in knowledge-creating learning that connected their formal and informal learning and motivated them to learn, fostering digital competencies, and enriching their learning environment.

Even our young primary students were tremendously excited as they witnessed the design challenge and discussed their next steps and plan to modify the robots so that they could fly.

Let’s watch out together some of our students’ amazing work during their exciting Digital Creative Week.

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