Science Exhibition 2022
“Science begins with wonder, scientific temperament and rational thinking”
June 23rd was an innovative and experimental day for all the students as we had the Science Exhibition for Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong. Inspired, encouraged and motivated by the teachers and the budding scientists of Rafflesians displayed different models and experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement. There are a total of 23 experiments were presented which are; 
- Blooming Flower 
- Celery Food Experiment
- Floating Drawings
- Sail Boat
- Race Car Repel
- Fruity Colour
- Pom pom Catapult
- Happy Rainbow Colour Mixing
- Water Bottle Fountain
- Rainbow in a Jar
- Submarine
- Liquids Density
- Dancing Rice:
- Tensile Bubbles
- Coffee Filter Flower
- Volcano Eruption
- Moon Phase Cup
- Flashlight
- Balloon Hovercraft, 
- Balloon Shooter
- Lava Lamp
- Simple Robotic Hand
- DIY Salted Egg
The event provided a platform for scientific explorations and innovations among the students. There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond the reach of the students of Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong. This whole project made students more confident, creative, future-ready, and learners for life.
Join in the fun and watch the video to see our young "Scientists" perform and demonstrate their experiment!

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