Amazing Water Trick

STEM Amazing & Magic Experiment

Light travelling in straight lines is called rays. Our eyes saw an object as it is.

Optical illusions are images or pictures where we “see” something that is confusing to our brains or different to the way it really is, just like the reversing arrow experiment did by our Form 3R student- Nicole Cheah Pui San . 

Nicole demo a cool experiment to rediscover and understand the Science concept of light travelling through a denser medium which causes confusion to our brain and creates an optical illusion.

Nicole’s conclusion:

Light behaved differently as it enters a denser medium.  Water is denser than air, when we add water in a glass, instead of spreading out in straight lines, the light changes direction both when it enters and leaves the glass of water.

This change of direction is called refraction and it happens because the light slows down as it enters the glass and speeds up again as it leaves. It causes an object we see in a reversed direction.

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