Our online Science Fair (19th - 23rd July 2021) was a hugely immersive event – for our young scientists and for the awestruck students who were engrossed in the processes and outcomes of the experiments.  

Click the links below to watch the full videos.  You will be amazed by their awesome experiments!

Title of project 1:  Water Explosion

Experimenter:  Raessa

Brief description of project:  

Kids learn about how pressure builds until it has to explode. 

This experiment shows kids what happens when there is too much pressure inside something.


Title of project 2: Water Candle Experiment

Experimenter:  Oliver Jenson Tan

Brief description of project:  

A lit candle is covered with an inverted jar in a saucer of water, the flame uses all the oxygen in the jar creating low pressure, atmospheric pressure then forces its way in causing the water in the jar to rise. 

This experiment shows the difference in air pressure.


Title of project 3: Sinking and Floating Experiment

Experimenter: Alvin James Okojie

Brief description of project:  

Heavy object sinks and lightweight object floats.

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