Science Week:
Science combined with Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning and collaboration skills in addition to presenting students with subject-specific learning experiences. 
Rafflesia International School, Kajang proudly presents our students' STEM projects conducted in the school's laboratories today. Year 7 young scientists investigated the aerodynamics of paper planes while Year 8 junior designers had authentically designed contraptions from various materials given to them, to protect a raw egg from a high fall! Our Year 9 engineering fanatics, on the other hand, built holders from popsicle sticks to investigate the ability of their projects to withstand weight placed on them. As for the upper secondary students, the Year 10 blooming engineers demonstrated an excellent understanding on how bridges are engineered to withstand weight while being durable in their STEM activity slot while Year 11 civil engineering enthusiasts were tasked with creating a thrilling ride of roller coaster using mostly manila cards and tapes! Needless to say that  the projects were all mind-blowing and breathtakingly impressive! Hats off, Rafflesians!

On another note, Soap-making Workshop has been conducted again today, back by popular demand! 
Stay with us as we will actively update you on our Science Week Closing Ceremony tomorrow.
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