Challenge Based Learning activity gives students the opportunity to understand, be committed, responsible and to take action on global issues. In support of the 17 Global Goals, officially known as Sustainable Development Global Goals, our students are taking the big step to take on these challenges to uncover bias, inequality, poverty, climate change and working together to develop change of attitudes and build better futures. This challenge provides an opportunity for them to actively explore communities, learn deeply about their issues, and learn how to take action to improve it. 

The students are working together in teams to find solutions for their chosen Global Goals and challenges and doing a lot of research to learn facts of the issues and share it with their team. Every step is recorded in their team blogs. They created journals to show their findings and how to solve their challenges. Final Imovie, posters and research paper were presented during a formal School Assembly. 

Challenge Based Learning has become an excellent platform for our young generation to become 21st Century Learners and Thinkers by exposing them to real-life issues that have become matters of great concern for the global community. It is an instrument in bridging the gap between global issues that matter and our young people.  Our final goal at Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang would be that these young people be our future leaders who will take care of the future.

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