It is time to celebrate the learning that has been achieved in IPC topic units. The Exit Point helps children to draw on their prior learning, reminding them of all the connections between subjects they have made. Exit Point is time dedicated to furthering student’s understanding of their learning, as well as time to reflect both individually and as a group. 

Year 1:  Completed their learning journey on "The Magic Toymaker' where they learned about types of toys in the past and present. Based on their understanding of these toys they planned, designed and created their own toys using recycled materials.

Year 2: completed the unit called 'From A to B', students held a special transport themed event.  The students showcased their 3D models of transport. They presented their presentations on transport from the past and discussed what they had learned during this unit. They also learned the importance of pollution caused by transportations and how to minimise such harm to the environment. 

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