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We Teach and Care until 6pm

We are delighted to introduce our new and exciting learning enrichment scheme. In their first session today, our learners were provided with attentive homework guidance before their enthusiastic participation in reading and speaking activities. A distinctive feature of the Rafflesia learning experience is: We Teach and Care until 6pm.

The English Week is off to a thrilling start!

Students at Kajang campus investigated the suspenseful mystery of the disappearance of legendary scientist Mr Titan. Our eager student detectives were introduced to a range of characters, some glamorous, some sinister and some heroic. Our detectives scoured the school in search of clues. Will they solve the mystery and save Mr Titan?

Global Culture Evening Concert 2019

Students, parents and staff came together this week to celebrate diversity in our Global Culture Evening Concert. The event was filled with impressive performances expressing the beauty of different cultures and embracing the spirit of collective humanity. Thank you all for being part of this wonderful experience!

Lessons and Care until 6pm Daily

Looking for the best school with an All-Day programme for your child? 🕒 Lessons and Care until 6pm daily: with homework guidance, subject enrichment classes and many more activities. 🏆Renowned holistic education system 🤝Emphasis on multi-lingual proficiency 👩‍🎓Quality educators 💻State-of-the-art education tools 💪Inclusive curriculum 🎊All the above and more! Contact us to learn why so […]

A Gymnastics Medal in MSSM

SMRK: Yap Hao Zhe (F4W) has made us all proud by winning the Silver medal when he represented the state of Selangor in the recent MSSM Artistic Gymnastics Championships! Thank you and congratulations for the inspiring achievement!

A National Gold Medallist

We are proud to announce that SRR Voo Huan Xin, our little Ping Pong master, has emerged the national champion in Ping Pong – winning the Gold Medal in the Girls Under 12 (Doubles) category! On top of that amazing achievement, she also bagged two Bronze Medals in the Girls Under 12 (Singles) and (Team) […]

Anti-Drug Campaign

RISK & SMRK: An Anti-Drug Campaign themed “Be A Hero, Be Drug Free” was held from 11 – 21 March in cooperation with the Malaysian Anti-Drug Agency. An officer from the agency, Mr. Johari inaugurated the function and interacted with the students to raise awareness about drug abuse and its harmful effects. Students participated actively […]

Easter Rabbit Reading Programme

📚Let your child discover the joy of reading through our Easter Rabbit Reading Programme! ✔develop interest and habit in reading ✔learn new words through writing ✔pronunciation and punctuation ✔skimming and scanning skills 🗓 8 – 19 April 2019 (Mondays – Fridays) 🕒9.00am – 12.30pm Venue: Puchong campus Fees: RM200 for Rafflesia students RM300 for non-Rafflesia […]