Earth Day Celebration (SRR,SMRP & RISP)

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Monday, 22 April, 2019
Earth Day Celebration (SRR,SMRP & RISP)
Theme : Protect Our Species

Earth Day is an annual worldwide event celebrated on April 22 to appreciate the uniqueness of our planet’s incredible biodiversity and how should we protect our nature – plants, animals and environment. Yesterday marked the 49th year of the WORLD EARTH DAY Celebration.

Rafflesians came together to discuss issues and solutions to save our planet from depleting resources, protecting its species and understand the history of the movement through some video clips themed “PROTECT OUR SPECIES”. To show our gratitude and love for Mother Earth, we sang and danced to the song “We’re In It Together” as a pledge to protect Mother Earth for years to come.

3D models to showcase their focus on the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse were presented to friends hoping to affect changes in their behaviours towards Mother Earth, fighting global warming and making our planet a much better place to live in for our generations to come.

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