Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

RAFFLESIA in Action gets the students up and running with zest and vigour with activities. As an all-integrated society, it provides all Rafflesians with a vast array of activities to stimulate, engage and encourage their participation in the arts and creative thinking. Through these self-discovery activities, they can further enhance their interpersonal development and social behavior. From building leadership, fostering teamwork to honing presentation and other skills, these personal quality building will steer and inspire all Rafflesians to develop altruistic interests to serve and benefit others. They will learn to be sociable, well-liked, respectful, charitable and most importantly, the qualities of being a global leader.

Digital Production & Performing Arts

Students will discover showmanship potential by bridging the digital divide among Rafflesians. They will be instilled with discipline and responsibility through the various production stages.

Artistic Creativity

Students will discover their innate artistic talents through self expression and the opportunities provided. It nurtures their artistic skills and build their personalities beyond academic excellence.

Literacy & Communication in Action

Students will develop a greater understanding in fostering appreciation through creative literacy means towards global diversity. It also inspires Rafflesians to confidently develop opinions and challenge themselves and their peers through debating and public speaking skills.

Expedition & Exploration

Students will learn discipline and independence through social team-building activities. They will also learn to appreciate the environment through participation of healthy activities such as hiking, jungle trekking, camping and amazing races.

Strength, Speed & Sportmanship

Through sports, students learn to be all-rounders, able to build their self-esteem, strength and charisma and unleash their own sporting potentials as well as building relations with other schools when they compete in a healthy way.