Bilingual Efficiency

In the age of globalisation and the trend of multiculturism, it is increasingly vital for young learners to embrace global diversity by being multi-lingual and an all-encompassing global citizens of the future. Rafflesia firmly believes that students must be provided with this multi-lingual foundation from youth. We place equal emphasis on both English and Mandarin languages. While English is vital as it is the international language for interaction, Mandarin is gradually gaining strong footing with the rising economic and political power of China. In short, Mandarin is poised to be the next most important language of the future. At Rafflesia, we bring out the best combination of East and West by creating an English-speaking learning environment and offering English and Mandarin subjects extensively throughout the curriculum. Hence, young learners in Rafflesia can easily grasp the essence of the languages and are able to freely practice their linguistic skills across the campus.