Mr. Allen Yong Kuan Hon
Principal of Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia, Puchong

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We always believe that every child is unique in nature with different needs. Therefore, by providing a conducive environment full of love, care and room for creativity, we instil in our students a desire to learn with emphasis on their social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and intellectual developmental aspects.

We also believe that education should not focus on the number of A’s scored. It is to gain knowledge for the betterment of one’s future by inculcating good attitude, good values and instilling discipline. At Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Puchong, we are committed to transform and to produce a new generation that thinks critically and out of the box.

In this pursuit of excellence, we appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect. We laud the relentless efforts of our management team, teachers and staff for giving their best in bringing out the best in each child.
‘Make your first step, the right step’

Allen Yong Kuan Hon
Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Puchong

Pn. Zainab Batin
Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia, Kajang

The year of 2020 is a year where we look forward to new challenges and create the best environment for learning and offer the best learning experiences to our learners. Rafflesia is committed to holistic education with a global vision in mind by incorporating the best combination of eastern and western educational approaches with advanced technologies. We aspire to ensure our learners get the best opportunity to achieve their potential.

School academician supports the development of interactive learning environment and promotes high levels of self-learning engagement in completing their learning tasks. This supports the development of Long Life Learners Skills that are very important and necessary in future competitive work environment. As we are advancing well into the 21st century, we are witnessing the changes in the way learners acquire new skills and knowledge. Acknowledging this change is very important and in Rafflesia we’re emphasising on new approaches particularly in technology literacies, project based learning and STEM as new ways of learning in promoting critical thinking and creativities.

I look forward to collaborate with you as one Rafflesian family and ensure that learners benefit meaningfully from this collaboration.

Pn. Zainab Batin
Rafflesia Private Schools
Kajang Campus