Our Dancing Champ!

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SRR Standard 6: Jonathan Egang Anyi will soon be a household name, thanks to his dancing skills that dazzled and impressed the audience and judges at the recent dance competition by UNCUBE STUDIO. Organised for kids aged from 7 to 12 years old, the competition saw 10 talented teams compete against each other. Jonathan and his team danced their way to the top and won first place!

Congratulations Jonathan! Thank you for making us all proud!

A Cultural Feast!

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In Malaysia, we are privileged to be able to enjoy the best food from a variety of cultures. For this year’s Parents Appreciation Day, SMRK parents and students came together to prepare and feast on a variety of mouthwatering dishes, sharing joy through good family and community values.

Behind the Scenes @ RTM1


Here’s a sneak peak from behind the scenes of the RTM 1 appearance by our talented Rafflesians! Come admire their works of art at the Metamorphosis art exhibition!

11 May 2019 | 10 am – 4 pm
At the Main Lobby of
Rafflesia International School Puchong

Waze location 📌:
Rafflesia International & Private Schools Puchong
📞03-89539088 (Puchong)

See you there!

Our young Rafflesians appeared on RTM 1 this morning!


Making us all proud once again, they talked about preparations on the upcoming Rafflesia Art Exhibition. Aptly titled “Metamorphosis” which symbolizes our young artists’ evolution from amateurs to professionals, the art exhibition will be held from 10am – 4pm on 11 May 2019 at Rafflesia International and Private Schools Puchong campus.


Well done to our students:

1. Ranea Syed Rusliza Year 4
2. Jasmine Isabel Johnson Year 4
3. Voo Tean Yong Year 7
4. Lakshman Nair A/L Birakasan Year 7
5. Khalyani Year 8
6. Chew Ying Pei (Elizabeth) Year 4

See you at Metamorphsis!

A week of costumes, drama, games and more!

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Rafflesia students participated in week-long events and activities created to promote the use of English and its global culture.

They created several activity and game booths such as Scrabble, Tongue Twister and a Book Swap for students to participate in throughout the week. These student-made games and activities ran from Monday to Thursday every break. Students put in an enormous amount of effort and created amazing booths.

Finally, this incredible week ended with a literary dress-up day where students got to dress up as their favourite book characters. The day was packed full with events created by the primary and secondary students, from a parade, speeches, debates, poetry recitals, and many inter-house competitions.

Overall, it was an amazing show of leadership and cooperation from the students who really expressed their dedication and skill.

An Excellent Alumni Achievement

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Wishing the heartiest congratulations to our fellow Alumni, Soh Wei Jet for his excellent achievement in his current studies, Canadian International Matriculation Programme at Sunway College.

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Keep up the great work. You’ve made all Rafflesians proud!

Rafflesia Art Exhibition


Come admire works of art by the talented students of Rafflesia!

11 May 2019 | 10 am – 4 pm
At the Main Lobby of
Rafflesia International School Puchong

Waze location 📌:
Rafflesia International & Private Schools Puchong
📞03-89539088 (Puchong)

Earth Day Celebration (SRR,SMRP & RISP)

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Monday, 22 April, 2019
Earth Day Celebration (SRR,SMRP & RISP)
Theme : Protect Our Species

Earth Day is an annual worldwide event celebrated on April 22 to appreciate the uniqueness of our planet’s incredible biodiversity and how should we protect our nature – plants, animals and environment. Yesterday marked the 49th year of the WORLD EARTH DAY Celebration.

Rafflesians came together to discuss issues and solutions to save our planet from depleting resources, protecting its species and understand the history of the movement through some video clips themed “PROTECT OUR SPECIES”. To show our gratitude and love for Mother Earth, we sang and danced to the song “We’re In It Together” as a pledge to protect Mother Earth for years to come.

3D models to showcase their focus on the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse were presented to friends hoping to affect changes in their behaviours towards Mother Earth, fighting global warming and making our planet a much better place to live in for our generations to come.

We Teach and Care until 6pm

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We are delighted to introduce our new and exciting learning enrichment scheme. In their first session today, our learners were provided with attentive homework guidance before their enthusiastic participation in reading and speaking activities. A distinctive feature of the Rafflesia learning experience is: We Teach and Care until 6pm.

The English Week is off to a thrilling start!

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Students at Kajang campus investigated the suspenseful mystery of the disappearance of legendary scientist Mr Titan. Our eager student detectives were introduced to a range of characters, some glamorous, some sinister and some heroic. Our detectives scoured the school in search of clues. Will they solve the mystery and save Mr Titan?