English Workshop



Want to brush up your children’s English?

Join us at our English Workshop for a morning of educational fun! We’ve prepared a holistic programme aimed at strengthening their command of the English language!

*Only 50 seats available on a first come first serve basis, so RSVP now while you still can!

Date: 2nd June 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8:30am – 12:00pm
Venue: Rafflesia International & Private Schools Puchong
Open for Ages: Children 9 – 12 Years Old

To RSVP or for inquiries, contact us at:
+603 8954 9088


Teachers’ Day @ Rafflesia International and Private Schools, Puchong

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It was a memorable, touching and entertaining celebration as teachers proudly belted out the promise of “KAMI GURU MALAYSIA – We, the Teachers of Malaysia” as an expression of their love for their students.

The teachers then made a walk of honour, applauded and cheered on, as they took their seats to enjoy a beautiful performance by their students. Performing “In this moment”, the students paid a befitting tribute to their beloved teachers for all the dedication and love that they have given them.

The celebration ended with “Thank you”, “Terima kasih” and “Xie Xie” to all the teachers from everyone.

It was a truly memorable day for all Rafflesians – as we came together as a family.


Happy Teachers’ Day!


Being one is the Highest Privilege;
Having one is the Best Blessings.


Rafflesia wishes all a Happy Teachers’ Day!

#TeachersDay 2018

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In a touching display of love and gratitude, the Prefect Board organised a wonderful event for all our teachers in conjunction with National Teachers’ Day – to thank them for the hardwork and sacrifices that they have made for their students.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Fun in Early Workshop

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[5 May] Open Day Fun in Early Years @Rafflesia International & Private Schools Puchong

Students enjoyed an creative and engaging time day at our workshop, participating in activities including a colouring contest, Play-Doh, parachute fun, and 3D arts and crafts with paper plates!

Parents also attended a fruitful IPC-focused briefing on our early years programme.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful world of holistic education!

Parents Appreciation Day

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With great parents come great kids!

The parents and students of Rafflesia Kajang International and Private Schools enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating Parents Day!

Parents and their children took part in lots of activities including thought-provoking and entertaining quizzes, team challenges, fun sports, parents appreciation, lively dancing and our special Parents Appreciation Luncheon which was specially catered by our talented Rafflesian students for their parents.

Thank you all for the memorable day!

SRR Earth Avengers VS Plastic!

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In their bid to save the planet from plastic pollution, the SRR EARTH AVENGERS have adopted the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ mantra – in conjunction with this year’s Earth Day Theme “End Plastic Pollution”.

Among the fun and creative activities that they enjoyed that day were a colouring competition, public speaking session and even a fashion show!

– 27th April, 2018

Launching of SRR Compassion Week


[Monday, 16 April]

We enjoyed the privilege of witnessing the heartwarming sight of joy and generousity our students displayed as they embraced the true essence of charity!

Our young Rafflesians learnt why the act of giving is more than receiving. They were excited to share their savings in a collective coin box which was then donated to MAKNA – supporting the plight of cancer victims.

Good job, Rafflesians!
Keep spreading the love!

Rafflesia Fun In Early Years Workshop



Are your kids 3-5 years old?
If the answer is YES, then they are in for a treat!

We are having the Rafflesia Fun In Early Years Workshop during our Open Day!

Date: 5th May 2018
Location: Rafflesia International & Private Schools Puchong
*Limited to 20 pax on a first come, first served basis
*Open for children aged between 3-5 years old
*Please RSVP before 23rd April 2018

For more information, contact RISP:
+603 8954 9088

See you there!

Educational Field Trip to the National Science Centre

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#Throwback [Tuesday: 3.4.2018]
We had a thrilling and educational time together at SRR’s 1st Educational Field Trip to the National Science Centre, Bukit Kiara!

Check out the variety of cool activities that were in store for them!