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Collaboration with INTI International University & Colleges


Rafflesia International & Private Schools (Rafflesia) and INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) officiated a Collaboration Agreement to provide a continuation of a purposeful and quality education pathway from Rafflesia’s Early Years, Primary & Secondary education up to the INTI tertiary education, and also to cooperate in jointly developing and promoting both organization instructional and institutional excellence.


Forging synergistic partnerships with one of the Malaysia leading tertiary educational institution, INTI, will ensure Rafflesias’ students have a seamless education pathway to success from Early Years to tertiary education. Through this synergy, Rafflesias’ students and parents will be exposed to INTI’s world-class tertiary education system with special offers in INTI tuition fees. In turn, Rafflesia will offer the children or sibling of INTI’s alumni and employees special privileges in school fees to study at Rafflesia.


The signing ceremony was held on 12th May 2014, Monday morning 9:00a.m. at INTI College Subang Campus, the agreement was signed by Madam Teh Siew Lan, Rafflesia’s Group CEO and Mr. Amit Sevak, CEO of INTI.


Together with Rafflesias’ existing collaborative partners, Tsinghua Experimental School in China, St. Mary’s  School in the United States and Chinese International School in Singapore, this collaboration is yet another step forward for Rafflesia in their endeavor to develop links with world leading educational institutions for collaborations that can result in synergy and mutual benefits. The Rafflesia-INTI collaboration is the first for Rafflesia with a tertiary institution to ensure Rafflesias’ students a seamless excellence education even after they graduate from school.


A memorable moment from the representatives of Rafflesia

A memorable moment from the representatives of Rafflesia

Rafflesia's Group CEO, Madam Teh signing the agreement in action

Rafflesia’s Group CEO, Madam Teh signing the agreement in action

From the left, Mr. Amit Sevak, CEO of INTI and Madam Teh, Group CEO of Rafflesia International & Private Schools

From the left, Mr. Amit Sevak, CEO of INTI and Madam Teh, Group CEO of Rafflesia International & Private Schools



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SRR Earth Day Celebration

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Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22 globally to demonstrate the support for environmental protection. Although Earth Day is on April 22, environmental awareness lasts all year.

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. As the urban population grows and the effects of climate change worsen. It’s time for us to invest in efficiency and renewable energy. Green Cities campaign as the theme of 2014 Earth Day, kicked off in many schools worldwide. Students in Rafflesia has held the Earth Day event to inspire to create a better, healthier and cleaner learning environment in school. Hence, this has become the motto and focus for our first year Earth Day celebration. With that motto, our students were introduced and encouraged the practice of the 3Rs, to converse energy, water and reduce waste not only in school but also where ever they are.

The Earth Day celebration, under the guidance of Teacher John Chan, has integrated 3 activities into part of the event, the 3 activities are Literacy & Communication In Action, the Digital Production & Performing Arts, and the Artistic Creativity into action. All students sprung into action competing among themselves according to their four Sports Houses.

The Day started with four Houses competing in the colouring contest, followed by Numeracy and Literacy Marathon. The highlight of the Day was to challenge the students’ creativity, endurance and teamwork under the guidance of respective House Masters, to create the tallest “Tower of Glory” from limited recycled resources provided. After a tough “fight” among the houses, a relax, merry and harmonious music to wrap-up the event for the day.

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Tong Niu Ling Primary School Visit


Today we are very happy to receive a very special group of guests from China visiting to our Puchong campus. They are a group of students with teacher from Tong Niu Ling Primary School from Dalian, China.

They are here to experience the learning environment in Malaysia and also to have a culture exchange with our local students in Rafflesia International & Private Schools. Exciting and fun activities are arranged for them to enjoy Rafflesia facilities. Cultural performance such as singing and dance by the Tong Niu Ling’s students were well received by the local students in Rafflesia. And then followed by a gift exchange ceremony from both schools, and a thank you speech by the Principal of Rafflesia International School, Puchong.

The day ended in a high note with students from both schools exchanging a farewell gift and contact details. Tong Niu Ling Primary School students left with a heavy heart and we hope that they will come and visit us again in near future.

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