First Cross-Campus Leadership Camp

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Rafflesia Kajang hosted the first cross-campus leadership camp was hosted by from 22nd-23rd March 2019! The two-day camp included a host of activities designed to equip students with leadership skills, life skills, communication skills and motivation to be effective leaders. We’d like to thank all participants and parents for the support in making it a success!

SPM results are out!

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Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang (SMRK): SPM leavers 2018 were filled with anticipation and excitement when the SPM results were released this morning. We are proud to announce a 100% rate for core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and even elective subjects such as Physics, Bahasa Cina and Pendidikan Islam. On top of that, the distinction rate for Mathematics, Science, History and English was as high as 65.3%, 39.3% , 30.8% and 37.7% respectively!

We’d like to congratulate our high achievers Tanushri Jayani, Phoebe Yamin Ng, Puteri Adriana, Carmen Chiew, Siow Hui Lin, Teh Hui Ting, Ng Joo Kiat and Ungku Arief, as well as thank our SMRK teaching staff for their dedication and hard work!

A Sneak Peek into one of our Creative Thinking Club Sessions

What makes our CCA’s creative thinking lessons so effective? What do students gain from it? To give you an idea, here’s a sneak peek into one of our Creative Thinking Club sessions!

Holistic education is an effective and enjoyable way to actively engage students on a deeper level. Contact us today to find out why so many parents have made us their school of choice!

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SRR Voo Huan Xin

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A shining example of what one can truly achieve with sheer determination and hard work, our young Voo Huan Xin came out at third place in the MSSS. She has also been chosen to represent Selangor in the upcoming MSSM which will be held in Kedah on Saturday, 23 March 2019!

Watch out Malaysia, this is a national athlete in the making!

Bravo, Huan Xin! You can do it!

World’s Scholar Cup

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Once again Rafflesia International & Private Schools have been placed amongst the best of the best in the Worlds Scholar’s Cup – both our junior and senior teams have made it to the global round that will be held in Beijing!

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We are extremely proud of our bright and ambitious students. Keep up the fantastic work and all the best in the next round!

RISP’s Annual Swimming Gala


This year’s showcase saw double the excitement with participation from both SRR and SMRP students in a single event!

With all the cheering and excitement among the students, parents and the Sport House members, everyone was a winner that day they all did their best to finish the race and collect points for their respective houses!

Dragon House came out on top that day, followed by Tiger, Pheonix and Qilin.

Congratulations and thank you everyone for the impressive display of sportsmanship and unwavering support for each other!

MSSS Artistic Gymnastics Championship

Congratulations Yap Hao Zhe, Form4 W Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang (SMRK), for winning 5th place in the MSSS Artistic Gymnastics Championship and for being selected to represent Selangor in the upcoming MSSM Gymnastics Championship in Kedah!

Keep up the great work! We are rooting for you!

A Fruitful Learning Experience!


SMRK students had the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on learning experience about the Aquaponics system at UPM, Serdang under Dr. H’ng – the Science Officer from UPM agriculture research centre who happens to be one of our supportive parents.

MSSS Golf Championship 2019


SMRK: Congratulations to Sameer Ferdinand Raj for winning the bronze medal in the MSSS Golf Championship 2019! He will be representing Selangor to play in the upcoming National Golf Championship U18 category and we wish him all the best!

Thank you for making us all proud!

Learning about sea creatures the fun way!

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Our children in Reception learnt about scallops, clam, mussels, oysters and other sea creatures recently. They sorted out a variety of seashells based on their patterns, sizes and colours before using them to decorate their very own picture frames.