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United in our rich diversity, we are proud to call ourselves Malaysians! That’s why, on Friday, 13th Sept 2019, we came together in our unique traditional costumes and waved our handmade flags in a fun-filled day with lots of performances. From patriotic poem recitations and patriotic songs, to dances and even fashion parades, Rafflesians from all three schools put up a magnificent show!


‘Clean Our Plate’ Pitching Competition by AIESEC @ UKM

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Congratulations to the SMRK prefect team! They won 2nd place at the ‘Clean Our Plate’ Pitching Competition organised by AIESEC @ UKM by sharing their efforts in running the food waste awareness program at school. Well done SMRK prefects!

Youth Innovators Challenge 2019 @ UCSI

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Filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and innovative spirits, four teams of our students represented our innovation and technology club in the Youth Innovators Challenge 2019 at UCSI. They presented their prototypes to the judges and exchanged STEM knowledge with students from other schools. It was a breakthrough for our STEM programme as students were able to develop their very own Bus Notification System, Expiration Date Management Software, Inventory Check Software and Panic Paddle by using Arduino.
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Rafflesia Inter-Campus Sports Day

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In a day filled with positive energy, students from our five schools gathered to compete in our annual Rafflesia Inter-Campus Sports Day at the UNITEN Stadium. Kicking off the sporting event was an invigorating Opening Ceremony complete with a motivational Zumba session, dynamic dancing and rousing drumming performances. All participants displayed impressive sportsmanship amidst the supportive cheering from teachers, parents and fellow students alike!

The Rafflesia Education Fair Kajang 2019

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The Rafflesia Education Fair Kajang 2019 attracted participation from both local and international institutions, providing parents and students opportunities to have face-to-face discussions on their study plans. Workshops on different fields of studies were also conducted to inform students with the latest choices and pathways in their future studies.

Our Students Win at SASMO 2019

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We are proud to announce the superb achievements of our students in SASMO 2019:

  1. Benjamin Ang Ben Jian – Gold
  2. Chu Yi Fui – Silver
  3. Teoh Zhou Xuen – Silver

With the above achievements, they qualified to join Team Malaysia for SIMOC held in Singapore from 6th to 9th July 2019. Yet again they made the school and country proud with Chu Yi Fui winning two Silver medals and Benjamin winning a Silver and Bronze medal.

Congratulations Teoh Zhou Xuen for winning a Bronze & a Gold medal during the SIMOC!


Congratulations and thank you for making us all proud!




Annual Science Week | Rafflesia International School Kajang

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Students at all levels participated in the Annual Science Week, exploring the laws of science and demonstrating their findings from fun and interesting scientific experiments. They also practiced their communication skills by conducting presentations to audiences of different age groups and responding to some challenging and unexpected questions. All in all, it was a deeply enriching experience that we look forward to enjoying with our students again next year!

Carl: An Original Rafflesia Production

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Finally, the most anticipated play with a live musical performance has hit the stage! After months of hard work in planning, preparations, rehearsals, set building and more, our students and teachers put on a fantastic show that night.

Thank you all for coming and giving us the overwhelming support!

A Gold Medal in Skate Malaysia 2019!

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We are extremely proud to announce that our young prodigy, Myra, who won the gold medal in the Skate Malaysia 2019 championship (Category: Under 10)! This is the 2nd series of the ISIAsia Championship 2019, an international event featuring the greatest skaters of Southeast. Her unwavering determination in undergoing a gruelling training regime which often went on into the wee hours of the morning for four months has clearly paid off! Congratulations Myra! And keep up the amazing work!

Get Ready for Carl

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The final touches are being laid down for the production of Carl, an original production by Rafflesia! Rehearsals are in full swing and we are all extremely proud and excited. Our teachers and students have worked very hard on it and we all look forward to your support tomorrow evening!

See you there!