Interactive coding for year 4 and 5

Rafflesia International School Kajang :
Interactive coding for year 4 & 5, It is self-directed, addresses a broad range of learning styles and builds early confidence with programming and other critical 21st century thinking skills

MSSD PingPong

Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia:
Voo Huan Xin (Std 3) & Voo Huan Kay (Std 1)
2nd Runner-up in MSSD (Sepang) Ping Pong under 12 held on 2nd & 3rd Feb 2017.They will represent Sepang at state level (MSSS) on 20 – 24 Feb 2017.

MSSD badminton

Rafflesia International School Kajang girls at MSSD badminton. Obtained bronze medal as semi-finalist in our first outing. Congratulations!

MSSD Badminton

Rafflesia International School Kajang @ MSSD Badminton

Study More Effectively

How to study is a big question. Everyone wants to study effectively so as to achieve goals, gain knowledge, pass exams or get skills. Good habits include approaching study with the right attitude, choosing the right environment, minimising distractions and setting a realistic schedule. The article below shows you how to study More effectively (with Sample Study Guides)