Tong Niu Ling Primary School Visit

Today we are very happy to receive a very special group of guests from China visiting to our Puchong campus. They are a group of students with teacher from Tong Niu Ling Primary School from Dalian, China.

They are here to experience the learning environment in Malaysia and also to have a culture exchange with our local students in Rafflesia International & Private Schools. Exciting and fun activities are arranged for them to enjoy Rafflesia facilities. Cultural performance such as singing and dance by the Tong Niu Ling’s students were well received by the local students in Rafflesia. And then followed by a gift exchange ceremony from both schools, and a thank you speech by the Principal of Rafflesia International School, Puchong.

The day ended in a high note with students from both schools exchanging a farewell gift and contact details. Tong Niu Ling Primary School students left with a heavy heart and we hope that they will come and visit us again in near future.

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